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Hallucinogenic Effects of Magic Mushrooms on Kids


Dec 20, 2023

Magic Mushrooms have been around for thousands of years now. However, they are illegal hallucinogens that can cause neurological and psychological effects on kids.

Mushrooms are quite easily available. However, it is quite difficult to differentiate between the wild poisonous ones and eatable mushrooms. Magic Mushrooms are however regarded as hallucinogenic mushrooms that cause serious nervous disorders when consumed regularly or a high dosage. The active element in mushrooms is psilobycin and this component is found in thousands of varieties of mushrooms that grow in natural conditions. One can simply pick up a wild mushroom and savour it to feel the hallucinogenic effects. They are also known as Mush, Schroom, Mushies, fungus delight (tea) or fungus. Buy magic mushrooms here.

How do the Magic Mushrooms Work and what are the Effects

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The element ‘psilobycin’ is absorbed instantly in the blood stream of any individual or kid who consumes a magic mushroom. This reaches ones brain and harms the neurological system of the body. The major side effect caused is that it enables the body to lose touch with reality. With its effect in the brain, one can see, hear and feel the things that are not in real but only imaginary like butterflies in the stomach. To some it sounds like a magical experience which leads to the route of addiction & abuse and hence the name magic mushrooms.

Other major effects of magic mushrooms are paranoia, confusion in mind, panic or even anxiety attacks and psychological effects like psychosis, convulsions and disorientation in kids. The effects remain for a couple of days leaving the individual depressed, moody, and lethargic and with a tired feeling.

You can buy magic mushrooms here. They are sold in the market in varied forms like actual mushrooms, brown powder, white powder, capsules, tablets etc. The magic mushrooms are also eaten directly, either raw or cooked, or can be mixed in water or other beverages to produce drinks like tea. One important aspect of these mushrooms is their dosage. Depending on the dosage consumed by the kids, the effect happens and stays accordingly.

The physical effects on the children also differ in terms of the amount of magic mushrooms that have been consumed. However, the major side effects include appetite loss, pupil dilation, nausea, muscle relaxation and opiate withdrawal with effects like fever, chills, running nose, diarrhoea and pain.

While it is not that dangerous when consumed in few quantities, it becomes a form of addiction when taken in regularly and an over dose.

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