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Styles Of Parenting


Feb 14, 2023

“Parenting” suggests the journey of two individuals becoming parents and flourishing with their child. Parenting is just a nine-letter word but its meaning is way beyond and much more prominent. Being a parent is not an easy task for anyone.

Parenting means knowing your child in every possible way to help him\her grow into their best being. Understanding your child’s emotions and helping them with others’ emotions too is a great task to do.

When a couple is expecting a child, they undergo so many emotions. They are happy, excited, and stressed at the same time. They don’t know how they will become great parents or how they will cooperate with their kids at every level. Parenting is not only about physical changes but also emotional and psychological changes. The parents sometimes have to leave their likes, dislikes, and hobbies so that their child can come up with one.

Becoming a parent is a big change in one’s life. There are different ways everyone reacts to it. 

Parenting styles-

The new parents use different methods and ways to handle their child to get positive results, these methods are known as ‘parenting styles.


  1. Authoritative style

According to studies, this is the right style of parenting. In this style, parents are neither tough nor soft on the child. This style is more of a ‘give and take style in which parents understand the emotions of their child in the best way. They support their child’s ability and their demands with reasonable limits. This style helps children to conquer more physical, emotional, and social intelligence in life.

  1. Authoritarian style

In this style, the parents are very strict and rigid with their children. Parents who enforce an authoritarian style focus only on rules and regulations made by them to be followed by the child. They forget about the interests and feelings of the child. For every mistake, there is a strict punishment. This parenting does not work in middle-class families. This parenting style has a negative impact on the child’s behavior in future endeavors.

  1. Intrusive style

When parents use control over their child’s emotions, thoughts and feelings it comes under the intrusive style of parenting. The child who undergoes this parenting style may have low self-esteem and always be eager to please everyone. In this style, parents try to set unrealistic goals for their children. They compare their children to other children.

  1. Permissive style

The permissive style is basically used by middle-class families. In this style the child has its freedom, parents are undemanding. This style of parenting mainly depends upon what the child wants. Children in this style are happy but have low levels of self-control.

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